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I-Team: Man's 'trash' bothers Moapa residents

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LAS VEGAS -- People living in a small town north of Las Vegas say a local businessman is dumping huge piles of garbage for everybody to see and smell.

The I-Team first showed how North Las Vegas businessman Mike Little racked up millions in court fines for dumping garbage on a piece of property in North Las Vegas. The woman who owns the property had to pay thousands of dollars to have the mess cleaned up.

Now, Little has turned his attention to a piece of property in Moapa. The small town is about 45 minutes north of Las Vegas.

"We have the church house there, the community center there, the school there, the post office down here. Then we have Mike Little here in the middle for us all to see and smell,” said Craig Wolfley, chairman of the Moapa Town Advisory Board.

Little has big dreams to turn yard waste into energy.

There are several piles of what appears to be yard waste and soil dumped on the property of an abandoned concrete factory. Upon closer inspection, pieces of plastic are mixed in with the debris.

“I'm sorry. I don't care what you call it, you can’t turn this stuff into mulch," Wolfley said.

The I-Team first met Little, a candidate for lieutenant governor under the Independent American Party, in April. Margaret Sanchez found Little’s waste piles on her North Las Vegas property. She was forced to swallow the $108,000 bill to clean up her property.

Little's business plan is to turn the yard waste into pellets that can be used like a clean version of coal to make power. He gets the yard waste from landscapers, but it sits for months, or years, because he is not doing business with any power company.

Little has numerous major court fines levied against him.

"Yeah, $9 million against me right now for a farm out there where the material has been sitting out there for three years,” Little said. “In the middle of the grind, they stopped me and they won't even let me till it into the ground."

The fine increase daily and Little says he has no plans to pay them.

"So, I'm going to pay the $9 million, right? That's not going to happen," Little said.

Last month, after the I-Team’s story aired. Little left a voicemail thanking the I-Team for being fair. Little didn't’t hang up the phone right away and could be heard telling someone, “Now, I want to get some mileage out of this. We have to move forward on this."

Little is filing a lawsuit against the Moapa town board, the Southern Nevada Health district, and Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins, who governs that part of the county.

“I've known him for all his life, damn near. He's a good kid. I hope he gets everything worked out, but while he’s suing me, I really can't talk about it, but I do hope he gets everything worked out,” Collins said.

Little calls himself a “simple farmer” and says no matter how many judges tell him to stop, he pledges to keep going and build his dream one pile at a time.

Little did talk with the I-Team late Friday and explained his comment about getting "more mileage" out of the story. He says faces an uphill battle in the lieutenant governor's race. He is likely to have more name recognition after these stories.

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