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A genuine pair of twins are the focus of Wednesday's Child today.   They don't look alike, and their personalities are different, but they are attached at the hip, and need an adoptive home together.   Dave Courvoisier reports.

A bakery called "It's a Piece of Cake" invited us over to shoot Wed's Child,  the owner is committed to children's causes, and was great with the girls -- Aunesty and Aloyalty:

"Well here's all your colors make sure you stirred really well I'll get you some paint brushes those are just to stir," says Cindy, the store owner.

Aunesty and Aloyalty are 8 year old twins, and both love life and each other, they're both into music, and they are two smart kids,  but after that the similarities fall away.

"I like to paint. I like to paint, to eat candy, or and play," states Aloyalty matter-of-factly.

That's Aloyalty,  assured of herself, very smart & creative.

"She likes to do things more quietly you know she does like to run around she loves to ride bikes she's more athletic," says Katie, a Case Manager at Brighter Day Foster Care

Aunesty takes life differently.

"Aunesty… she's a spitfire. She is loving, she is funny, she's amazing, she's a big cuddler, um she's temperamental, she is spunky," adds Katie.

"Well I have to say I think you're all's cakes look gorgeous, did you want to paint them at all?" says Cindy

We watched in amazement as the twins built and decorated their cakes.   Those who know them well claim Aloyalty will be a politician, and Aunesty will be a chef.   Either way, they deserve a better chance at life than what they've had so far.

"These girls have been let down many times before, and it's important that when they wake up in the morning that the two people that are in the home with them providing them the stability so that they know when they get up they'll still be there," explains Katie.

And of course, the magic sauce with these two would be love.

"They need somebody who's just going to love them, and open their hearts, and be there every morning with a hug, and every night with a hug. They're very big on um they are religious.   They're very spiritual so it would have to be somebody who would help them along with the spiritual path as well," says Katie.

Anybody adopting these twins would have to understand they'll need to stay in touch with other siblings in the area.   To get started in adopting them, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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