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Report: No plan to fix problems with Nevada Health Link

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LAS VEGAS -- More than 1,500 errors are still preventing thousands of Nevadans from getting health insurance through the state health insurance exchange website.

A new report reveals there is still no plan in place to fix those problems. With no quick fix available, Nevada Health Link leaders are now scrambling to find a solution before the start of open enrollment for next year.

There are now three options for the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange board to consider. They can fix the existing website, which could be very difficult. They could adopt a successful program from another state, California and Washington have been praised for having some of the best run websites, or they could abandon everything, which would mean joining the federal online exchange. Oregon decided to do just that last week.

The deadline to sign up for health coverage may have passed for this year, but one insurance provider is still helping 700 people a day by phone and 30 at its offices.

"So between those two, we kind of just manage!" Ro'na Thompson with Nevada Health Co-op said.

Some Nevada Health Co-op customers need to use the Nevada Health Link website, and it is a struggling. It is run by Xerox.

"There is definitely a frustration with payment. I feel like we have a disconnect with Xerox. They think their payment system works better than we believe it works," Tom Zumtobel with Nevada Health Co-op said.

The report from Deloitte, the consulting firm hired by the state to look into website problems, shows the Nevada Health Link website isn't properly calculating tax credits.

The report also finds when there is a 3-year-old girl being added to an insurance plan, the system asks if she is pregnant.

Plus, the website keeps asking for date of birth multiple times for the same person, and if someone is applying as an individual, the system asks if they want a group or individual qualified plan.

"The report seems overwhelming to me. And I really am not hearing anything that all of these issues are going to be resolved," Lynn Etkins with the Silver State Health Exchange said.

Xerox representatives say they have already made some system improvements and will be prepared for 2015 open enrollment.

"We are very committed to continuing to improve and make this right." Xerox representative Greg Vitiello said.

In the meantime, Nevada Health Co-op workers are trying to make customers comfortable.

"Make sure we can just let them know, 'we're still here to help you, we can get this for you.'" Thompson said.

To help with that process, Xerox now has a staff member in its customer service center who know how to cope with the worst errors.

It is unclear if the state will scrap the Nevada Health Link website. They say it depends on time, money and whether the existing website can be fixed. Time is ticking, because open enrollment for next year starts in November.

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