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Families accuse school district of ignoring bullying

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LAS VEGAS -- Two local families claiming their children were victims of bullying came together Tuesday to announce they had filed a civil lawsuit in conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union against the Clark County School District.

The students, 14-year-old Ethan Bryan and 13-year-old Nolan Hairr, sat between their mothers, recounting the bullying they say they suffered back when they were in sixth grade at Greenspun Middle School.

"I never expected it to happen to me," Nolan said.

"I expected to go away after awhile but it didn't," Ethan said.

According to the lawsuit, the two boys' families filed Monday against CCSD both Ethan and Nolan had to deal with severe and discriminatory name calling for months.

That escalated to physical and even sexual assault by their classmates who thought they were gay. Ethan was even stabbed in his genitals with a pencil.

"I was floored that he never mentioned anything to me," Nolan's mother Aimee Hairr said.

Hairr says she found out about the bullying from Ethan's mother, Mary Bryan, who heard about it through her son and not through a teacher or the principal at the school.

"I was incredibly shocked. They didn't take it seriously and abide by their own policies," Bryan said.

The two families say they tried over and over to report the incidents to the administrators both in person and through the CCSD bullying website.

The families also say their complaints to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission didn't result in an investigation.

They never received a face-to-face meeting with the principal. Bryan says the alleged abuse got so bad Ethan, who was only 12 years old at the time, had considered suicide.

"We had to take Ethan out of school because he didn't want to live anymore," an emotional Bryan said.

Hairr also switched Nolan to another school. Both families say they hope the lawsuit will make the school district hold teachers and staff more accountable when it comes to reporting bullying.

As for the boys, they say other kids who are bullied should not be afraid to speak up and move on.

"Just to not give up, it may be hard to see another way out right now but it will be easier after." Ethan said.

CCSD says it cannot comment on the litigation but did say the superintendent has set up a new internal bullying task force earlier this year.

"This task force is currently reviewing existing laws and will make recommendations for changes and/or updates to the policies if needed." the district said in a statement.

The task force is expected to make its recommendations to the school board in May.

Parents of students who have been bullied, but do not feel that CCSD has responded to the bullying please contact 8 News NOW by sending an email to pbhoolsuwan@8newsnow.com.

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