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04/23/14 Justin Asks for the Second Time to be Adopted

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You just might recognize today's Wednesday's Child.   He was on the program about one year ago, but still hasn't been adopted.   Justin is a 17-yr-old who still wants to be claimed as someone's own by a family.

In 2013, we first met Justin on a tour inside the CH8 studios.   He kinda kept his thoughts to himself, and when we heard how many homes he's been in, we understood why:

"Oh, a couple of dozen (homes)," admits Justin.

On this visit, we had something more exciting:  a visit to the indoor skydiving place.   Justin says he's been real skydiving before, but admitted this was pretty cool.

"The most fun was getting to jump off to jump in myself," says Justin.

Justin is a thoughtful kid who knows his future may depend on his own resources.   That's why he's looking at realistic options:

"I'm looking forward to either the military or teaching as a professor," adds Justin.

Justin feels his best skill is in creative writing & literature.

"He likes to write, every time I visit with just and he tells me he's writing a book, and that I will get a copy of it when he's finished," says Kayla, an adoption recruiter with DFS.

Justin is also realistic about finding a family.   He knows he'd be an older adoption, but still wants to know there would be someone he could call family.

"Justin tells me that he would take anybody who will take him, he just wants a caring loving family I think he would do best with a father-figure, and he also would do best as the only child in the home, so…I think that Justin like you said he's a survivor, he's good to be able to go places as long as he… as long as he gets the right support." adds Kayla.

Justin is ready for adoption right away.  Call the office of the Adoption Exchange right now to get things rolling:  702-436-6335.
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