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4/16/14 Tariq is 8. His Whole Life Before Him.

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Wednesday's Child this week is a handsome guy named Tariq. Dave Courvoisier introduces us to this 8- year- old who needs an adoptive family that likes sports.

We're  back at the Mini Gran Prix, and that's last week's Wednesday's Child -- Hunter -- in the striped shirt and glasses leading the pack of cars.   Tariq was just short of being able to reach the pedals, so he was stuck driving with me... But still seemed to have a lot of fun.

By comparison, taking the wheel in the video games didn't have the same excitement.   It was hard to tell.   Tariq is a little reserved at first with strangers...maybe not such a bad thing!

"Yeah I think it's just a little bit overwhelming to him right now you know he's doing all these different things meeting new people and things so he can be a little bit shy at times, but once you get to know him he'll open up and do all sorts of things," says Brian, Tariq's Case Worker.

But watching Tariq shoot baskets, I could tell this was a guy who likes sports.

"Tariq is a great kid, he's got as you met him he's got an infectious smile um he loves sports he's a very active kid any kind of sports he loves getting out playing basketball he play football," adds Brian.

Tariq turns 8 this month.   He's the kind of kid who always tried hard...has an inner strength.   He just needs a family to believe in him... A loving, forever home.

"I think for Tariq, having a male role model would be really great for him. It could be a one parent home, or a two-parent homeā€¦ but that would be importantā€¦ someone to give him structure and guidance," counsels Brian.

Tariq needs stability and room to grow.   He's free and clear for adoption, so call the Adoption Exchange to get going in the process.   The number is 436-6335.
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