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4/9/14 Hunter Would Be the Ideal Teen Adoption

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You have to have respect for any teenager who's still willing to stand up and say they want to be adopted.   That's the situation with hunter.    Dave Courvoisier introduces us to an almost 15- yr- old who is wide open to the idea.

At the Mini Gran Prix, it's hard to pry Hunter away from the video games.   I finally got him to take me on in a game of air hockey.

Hunter approaches most everything with an air of acceptance, probably from being in the system several years.

"He has (been moved around a lot) and some of it just for various reasons, could be a licensing issue with the foster parent or different things, he was in a home for a long time but it just got to a point where his brother did get adopted, and he didn't, and so at that point he was placed into another home," says Brian, Hunter's Case Worker.

But Hunter really perked up when he saw that we were going to the track.   That's where his competitive nature came out.

Hunter wants a family, but he's been waiting a long time.   Still, he's open to the idea:

"Yeah I think he is. Because he's been in foster care for a while, I think sometimes he doesn't really believe that it could actually happen you know? but I think he would be, he's open to… staying in one place I mean someone adopt him, a forever home… I think that would be really good for him," adds Brian.

Hunter would need the right family with patience and boundaries.

"I think just a family that took him on things and got him involved in stuff, he likes to get out and do stuff, and I think he needs someone supporting that and kind of pointing him in the right direction to you know but he's been pretty good." claims Brian.

There are no strings attached, Hunter is ready to be adopted, and you can get the process started by calling the Adoption Exchange now.   The number is 436-6335.

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