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'Slap-ass Friday' alarming parents of middle-school students

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LAS VEGAS -- One mother considers it a form of bullying, but some students call it a middle school tradition.

It is known as 'slap-ass Friday', where students slap each other.

YouTube video shows students slapping each other on their behinds, which is what happens on slap-ass Friday.

It is not just a Las Vegas valley problem, but locals are speaking out about it.

"I am just outraged. I feel like I'm sending her to be into a pack of wolves everyday," legal guardian to a seventh grader Denise Delucia said.

Delucia says she is the legal guardian of a seventh grader at Escobedo Middle School and heard the seventh grader talking about what happened to her in the school hallway.

"I actually am going to keep her out of school until the situation is resolved on Fridays. I'm not letting her go to be accosted on Fridays, that is not acceptable," Delucia said.

Delucia says she reported an incident to school officials, and is waiting for action to be taken.

In the meantime, students told 8 News NOW the slapping happens everywhere.

"It just happens everywhere.  It's all over school, you just every Friday, they come and smack girls' butts," 15-year-old Amirah Shotlow said.

"Sometimes they'll do it with their binders and sometimes they'll use your hands, and I just, they just walk around school and just out of nowhere," 14-year-old Justina Failla said.

High school senior Tasha Rasmussen says it happened when she was in middle school.

"It happened every single Friday of every single week of every single month throughout the whole entire year," 17-year-old Tasha Rasmussen said.

She says it happened to her.

"You would write it on paper, you would laugh about it, you would joke in your classes about it," Rasmussen said.

However, looking back, it is not so funny anymore.

"I just think it's inappropriate. We were young and I just don't believe that it should have been done. I definitely think there should be a stop to it. Somebody needs to bring the consequences to the students attention. It is frowned upon. It is bad. It is gross," Rasmussen said.

In a statement, a Clark County School District spokeswoman says in reference to Delucia's complaint:

"School administrators are aware of this parent complaint and have been working with the parent and student directly to gather additional information."

And regarding slap-ass Friday, the spokesperson said:

"The district has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence. If appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken."

While the district spokeswoman said she hadn't heard of slap-ass Friday and neither had CCSD Police, some students say it is a middle school tradition that needs to stop.

"It's kind of weird. Why do that at school, when we're here to like learn? We're not here to do that kind of stuff, you know?" Amirah said.

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