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Las Vegans losing homes to make way for Project Neon

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LAS VEGAS -- People in the valley are losing their homes to make way for Project Neon, Nevada's most expensive highway project ever.

Construction will be done in phases and one tool being used to expand the road is eminent domain, which is when the government seizes private property for public use.

The improvements have left some neighbors in the Saratoga Meadows neighborhood, which is near Charleston and I-15, a lot more familiar with eminent domain than they would like.

Nevada Department of Transportation bought up a lot of the homes in the neighborhood to expand the freeway. Most people got their money and got out, but Larry Kimrey is among the last. He has two months left.

"Wish I didn't have to move. My wife is really broke up over it. We've been here 34 years. We didn't want to move," Kimrey said.

Kimrey was first told Project Neon wouldn't need his home, and so he and his wife remodeled.

"Then we got a letter and they said they were going to take the house," Kimrey said.

Project Neon has caught the attention of other neighbors who will still live here once the freeway is expanded.

"People have been living here for 40 years, and they take pride in their neighborhood, and they don't want to see it ruined by having a lot of traffic coming through here." said Jessica Saylor with the Saratoga Meadows-Scotch Eighties Project Neon Task Force.

Under NDOT's plan, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard will be moved, which has neighbors concerned.

"We don't have to be against the project, but we need to see how it impacts on the neighborhoods, and how we can mitigate on any potential damage," president of Scotch Eighties Homeowners Association Stephen Grogan said.

As for Kimrey, Project Neon leaves him with the memories from home sweet home and it taught him a priceless lesson.

"Nothing we can do, and you can't fight the government," Kimrey said.

NDOT continues to meet with concerned neighbors, and the Saratoga Meadows-Scotch Eighties Project Neon Task Force also hopes to meet with city of Las Vegas leaders about increased traffic.

Demolition of some of the homes acquired by NDOT could begin as early as next week.

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