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Security camera catches teen's final moments before crash

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LAS VEGAS -- 8 News NOW has obtained new video of Sunday night's deadly motorcycle crash that left one teen dead and another injured.

The video shows the rider speeding and losing control of his motorcycle before hitting a teenage pedestrian and then crashing into a light pole near Carey Avenue and Mount Hood Street .

Family and friends gathered at the crash site on Monday to set up a roadside memorial for 19-year-old Juan Ibarra. They say Ibarra was an inexperienced motorcyclist and had only had the bike for one week. The last moments of Ibarra's life were captured on a neighbor's home security camera.

The video shows Ibarra clearly speeding around the corner. He steers wide and hits a pedestrian before hitting the light pole.

A neighbor said he had seen Ibarra driving the bike fast prior to the crash. It seems, speeding motorcyclists are a problem in the northeast Las Vegas neighborhood

"Like being on a 45 mile-per-hour street all the time," said Cindy Rada who lives nearby.

Neighbors say they have sent in petitions and called county officials to complain about drivers who cut through the neighborhood to avoid the traffic on Lake Mead Boulevard.

"I've tried for stop signs. I've tried for speed bumps. Speed bumps, they won't do it because of the fire department and the ambulances. I can understand that, but by God, we could put a stop sign there and that kid might still be alive today," said Glen Jackson who captured the crash on his security camera.

A spokesperson for Clark County says a traffic study was done in 2011 and it was found there were not enough people driving through the intersection to warrant a stop sign. Neighbors say police tried setting speed traps, for a while, but stopped when drivers took other routes.

"It's like a racetrack here," Jackson said.

His reason for setting up security cameras was to catch criminals, but instead his cameras have been capturing crashes.

"The first one was probably the fence over there," Jackson said.

A vigil planned is planned Monday night for Ibarra. It will be at 7 p.m. at Sunrise Mountain High School where he was a senior.

The 14-year-old teen who was hit by Ibarra is recovering in the hospital.


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