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Foster care author, 2 others charged with child abuse

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Janet Solander Janet Solander
Dwight Solander Dwight Solander
Danielle Hinton Danielle Hinton

LAS VEGAS -- Two adoptive parents and their adult daughter are being charged with numerous counts of child abuse, neglect, endangerment with substantial bodily harm and sexual assault with a minor under 14 years of age.

According to the criminal complaint, Dwight Solander, 50, Janet Solander, 53, and Danielle Hinton, 21, who is Janet's biological daughter, abused and assaulted three girls that were first in their care as foster children but were later adopted by the family. The girls were 12, 11 and 9 years old at the time of the alleged abuse.

In the police report, the girls detailed nearly three years of abuse starting in Jan. 2011 --when the suspects adopted them and continued until Nov. 2013, when they went to a boarding school in Florida.

The girls told police that the suspects would severely limit their bathroom visits and then beat them with a stick used to stir paint, if they had an accident or took too long in the bathroom.

The girls accuse the suspects of forcing them to take cold showers and splashing them with ice water, if they had a bathroom accident. They said they were not allowed to towel off, but instead had to sit in front of a fan to dry off.

One girl told police she had a scar on the back of her hand from Janet Solander pouring hot water on her. Another said she had a scar from hot water on right ear.

They also said they were forced to wear soiled underwear on their head, and in one case, one of the girls said she had dirty underwear put in her mouth.

They also said they were made to sleep on boards in the loft of the Solanders' home without blankets or sheets, wearing nothing but their underwear for fear they would wet the bed.

One of the most serious accusations is against Janet Solander for the alleged sexual assault of one of the girls. 

Janet Solander, who is a nurse, wrote a book titled "In Foster Care: How to Fix This Corrupted System."

The girls told police they were beaten when they didn't complete school work to the Solanders' standards.

The Solanders' daughter Danielle Hinton supported what the girls told police. When she spoke to officers, she called the girls "the definition of abused kids." She told police she witnessed one of the girls having blood in her underwear because of the severity of the beatings she'd suffered.

The allegations came to light after four foster children were removed from the Solanders' home because of fears physical abuse. A worker asked where their adoptive children and the Solanders eventually revealed they had been sent to a boarding school.

Child Protective Services in Florida contacted the girls who then made the allegations against their adoptive parents and sister.

The girls also told investigators they believed Janet Solander would kill them, if they returned to her care.

All three suspects are in the Clark County Detention Center and are expected to be in court April 8. A judge set bail for Janet and Dwight Solander at $250,000 and $50,000 for Hinton.

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