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3/19/13 Brothers Albert and Jeffrey are Bonded

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Lately on Wed's Child, we've had sibling sets of three.. but today...just a pair.   A pair of brothers who are like two peas in a pod.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Albert and Jeffrey.

In case you didn't know it, the Nature Exchange at Springs Preserve lets you bring in rocks, shells, bugs, and other natural wonders, and trade them for the things already there.

Jeffrey and Albert immediately turned their attention to Geodes.   They look like rocks, but when you crack 'em open, they're full of crystals.

"I can keep this?" asks Jeffrey.  "You can keep it!" says Dave.

If you ask anyone who's close to these brothers, you'd find they are "keepers" too.   Real gems, you might say.

"They are extremely personable, awesome to be around, very creative, personalities just great kids," says Elliot, their DFS Case Worker.

These two are just 10 months apart, so they're both in the sixth grade...and while they're close to each other, they are not alike.   Albert, the oldest, is learning the clarinet, and already a real gentleman.

"Very soft-spoken, very, he's personable, he's creative, he's intelligent, he's just a great kid to be around," adds Elliot

Brother Jeffrey can fix computers, and  is a little more outgoing.

"Yeah he's definitely a little more outgoing, little more rambunctious… rambunctious doesn't mean behavioral problems… no behavioral problems. He also makes good grades, he is uh, he is definitely a little more outspoken, and he's you know, he's just fun to be around," remarks Elliot.

Despite being individuals.   Together, they are bonded.

"Oh, they love each other they there always in pairs, they walked to school together, walk back to school together, it's definitely a very good bond that they had between the two of them," says Elliot.

These two need a loving home with structure.

"They do crave attention, attention is really big for them, so someone who can really give them that attention would definitely benefit from," says Elliot.

These two guys would be a blessing to any home that becomes their family.   Please contact the local office of the Adoption Exchange to get started in the process.   The number is 436-6335.

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