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3/12/14 This Sisers-Brother-Brother Trio Will Delight You

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For the second week in a row, Wed's Child brings you a sibling set of one sister and two brothers.   It's fairly common for sibling sets to be in foster care, but it's absolutely necessary for them to stay together.   Dave Courvoisier has their story.

Springs Preserve was the perfect place to let this threesome blow off the incredible energy they have.

Azara, the oldest at 7 -- while adventurous herself -- always keeping an eye out for her younger brothers.

"Yeah she's got her eye on them she definitely loves her brother she's very close with them just kinda looking out for her boys," says Becky, their DFS Case Worker.

Azara does well in her 1st-grade class, especially with reading.

Next in age is Marcus at 5... A guy who is plenty active:

"He's just very outgoing little kid, he's social, he'll be a little shy at first kind of him a little withdrawn at first but once you get him to open up till just talk your ear off," admits Becky.

Finally, there's 3-yr-old Marion.   A quiet young man who doesn't let anything escape his attention.

"Know he's following his big brother and sister wherever they go and he's very interested in everything they have to do and he doesn't miss thing," adds Becky.

These three are closely bonded together... Which make it a big adoption order for an instant family of three.

"It's hard but I think there's the right family out there for them I firmly believe that there is so will just keep looking, they're cute and young," says Becky.

So what they most need is a home with understanding and love.

"They're going to need a home that enjoys being active, their active kids they love to climb and play, here the Springs Preserve they've had a blast climbing and playing and they like you to interact with them. They need someone who understand shyness a little bit, but they open up," adds Becky.

These three are ready and waiting for adoption.   Please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange to get started in the process.   The number is 436-6335.

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