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Pet Store Owner to Pay $8K to Hold Puppies, Stop Raffle

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Attorney Jacob Hafter posts bond to keep the puppies from being raffled. Attorney Jacob Hafter posts bond to keep the puppies from being raffled.

UPDATE March 12 -- The attorney for pet store co-owner Donald Thompson posted an $8,000 bond Wednesday morning to keep the puppies from being raffled off, according to a news release from attorney Jacob Hafter.

Judge Ken Cory ordered that Thompson post a bond to keep the temporary restraining order in effect until the issue can be heard on March 19. The money is to cover fees for housing the puppies at The Animal Foundation.

LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas judge said the raffle of 27 puppies rescued from a pet store fire in January is on hold.

An attorney representing Donald Thompson, the co-owner of the pet store appeared in the Eighth Judicial District Court Tuesday where a motion on the temporary restraining order was heard.

Last week, attorney Jacob Hafter filed a temporary restraining order to keep the puppies from being raffled off by The Animal Foundation. A judge signed the order Friday, stopping the raffle of dogs rescued from Prince and Princess Puppies and Boutique. The temporary restraining order was signed right before raffle tickets were supposed to go on sale.

Thompson, the estranged husband of co-owner Gloria Lee, wants the puppies so he can turn them over to an animal rescue group. Hafter says the county did not follow proper procedures and his client wasn't given a fair shot to reclaim the dogs.

"It is very confusing why his claims aren't honored or respected," Jacob Hafter said.

Officials in Clark County say they tried to contact Thompson about the puppies but he did not respond.

The Animal Foundation says the raffle is not a greedy effort but a way to find good homes for the puppies.

"This is not a money grabbing exercise at all. It is an exercise to find the dogs good home," Christine Robinson with The Animal Foundation said.

Judge Kenneth Cory said Thompson must come up with an $8,000 bond within 72 hours to keep the temporary restraining order intact. The money is to pay The Animal Foundation for housing the puppies.

The judge will hold an evidentiary hearing on the issue on March 19, if the bond is paid.

Representatives from The Animal Foundation said they are willing to talk with Thompson to try and work out a solution so the puppies no longer remain in limbo.

"Maybe they are trying to donate the puppies, trying to make some tax deductions who knows," attorney for The Animal Foundation Lisa Zastrow said.

Lee, and her alleged co-conspirator Kirk Bills, are accused of setting the store on fire with the puppies inside. Both are still in the detention center and face numerous charges for arson, burglary and attempted animal abuse.

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