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Girl's Death Sparks Family to Fight for Lighted Intersection

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LAS VEGAS -- A southern Nevada family torn apart by a tragedy is speaking out in hopes of sparing another family's suffering.

Nov. 25, 2011 was the day that changed the Billing family forever. Their 16-year-old daughter, Aleasha, was hit by a car while walking at the intersection of Lone Mountain Road and El Capitan Way.

Her parents believe the lack of lighting at the intersection contributed to Aleasha's death. A memorial for teen girl is about the only thing visible near the intersection. The darkness is a daily reminder to Mike and Carrie Billing about what happened to their daughter.

"This intersection, yes it is extremely dark. It is extremely busy. It is the only intersection without a street light," said Carrie Billing. 

Metro Police say the girl was hit by a driver who didn't see her. Aleasha suffered a severe brain injury and spent the past two years with around-the-clock-care before dying in January.

Her death ignited her parents to do something about the intersection.

"What we're now looking into is, we would like a traffic light here. It would also help, you know, the people trying to cross Lone Mountain on El Capitan," Carrie said.

The Billings have petitioned Clark County to make the change. They would also like to see a crosswalk. The county is conducting a traffic study to see if the intersection meets the proper criteria.

The Billings are concerned because when they initially petitioned the county in 2011, after Aleasha's accident, they were told neighbors in the area did not want a light. Those neighbors told the county, they had moved to a rural area for a reason and they liked the darkness.

"It could potentially be one of their family members out here at night that could be struck by a car," Mike said.

The Billings have started a community-wide petition and are collecting signatures in hopes of getting the county to expedite the process.

"I would not want another family to go through what we have," Carrie said. "It's that simple, my tragedy could benefit someone else."

The Regional Transportation Commission has allocated around $6.6 million in fuel tax funding to the area of Lone Mountain between 215 and Durango, but that money isn't budgeted to be used until 2019.

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