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Cool at School: Students Compete in National Science Bowl

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LAS VEGAS - Question one: Where will you find the sharpest science minds in Las Vegas? The answer is at the Meadows School.

A team of five students at the school is preparing for next month's National Science Bowl in Washington, D.C. The questions they will face can be challenging.

"Giving your answer in inches and in simplest radical form, if the hypotenuse of a forty-five, forty-five, ninety triangle is ten inches, find the length of the other side," instructor Karen Bleifuss asks the team.

"Five square root two," team member Daniel Chen answered. He is correct.

The team's scientific prowess landed it a spot in the National Science Bowl, where the students will compete with 13 other teams from around the country.

"There are obviously a lot of people who are a lot better than us. So, just to see how good they are at this competition is very exciting," Chen said.

He is a veteran. Chen competed as part of last year's Meadows team, which also reached the national competition.

Bleifuss coaches the team, but admits she's in awe of the students.

"I feel like a proud mom, because I watch them compete. They have so much natural talent, I don't have to coach them," she said.

Team captain Divya Ramakrishman admits the questions can be difficult and nerve-wracking.

"I'm one of those people who gets nervous. The way I deal with that is take a couple of deep breaths before the competition," she said.

The competition is nothing compared with her decision to attend Yale or Stanford.

"It's really, really difficult right now. I visited Yale recently and really love their science department," she said. "Stanford's always been my dream school since middle school."

The National Science Bowl takes place April 24 through April 28. The Meadows School team's success represents What's Cool at School.

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