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Parents Unhappy about School Rezoning

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LAS VEGAS -- Rezoning is now a reality for 17 schools in the Clark County School District.

It is a short-term solution to overcrowding, but it has people concerned about what will happen down the road, if the city continues to grow.

It was a carefree day for kids at Givens Elementary School, but not for parents who still have Wednesday night's worries on their mind.

"It is just frustration that our school is going to have so many kids at it," parent Kelli Mendenhall said.

The CCSD school board approved a rezoning plan for 17 schools which means students at several schools, especially in the northwest, will either move to a new school or welcome hundreds of new students.

That is the case at Givens Elementary in Summerlin where Mendenhell's son and daughter attend.

"I know the district doesn't have a lot of funds to build schools. They don't have any funds, so that is a huge problem when homes continue to be built and there is no planning of schools." Mendenhall said.

CCSD Board Trustee Patrice Tew says there is no concrete planning but the district is flirting with a bond to build new schools.

"It is a discussion, that we want people behind the bond. We want it to be successful and we want to have all the information that we can give so they can be supportive when we do put it forward," Tew said.

The ballot issue that was defeated two years ago would have raised property taxes to pay for new schools and school repairs. Tew says it is worth another try because the stakes of overcrowding are higher.

"At this very moment, we can fill 23 new elementary schools," Tew said, which makes the entire district 14 percent over capacity.

Many schools and parents are coming to terms with the changes, but even principals are waiting for instructions from the district on how to proceed.

One principal told 8 News NOW that he may have to get portables to accommodate the additional students he is expected to receive.

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