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2/26/14 Maria is Amazingly Resilient

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Today's Wednesday's Child is a poised 13-yr-old who has pulled herself up by her bootstraps.   Maria doesn't necessarily want to stand on her own right now.   She wants to belong to a family, and that's where you come in.
We're at the park on this beautiful spring-like day, and Maria is posing for a still photo shoot for the heart gallery. 

That's where the portraits of foster children waiting to be adopted are displayed in the hopes that an adoptive family will step forward.

That's certainly what Maria wants.   She's tired of moving around.

"How many times have you move since you been in foster care?" Dave asks.

"uh..… probably six and I haven't really counted but probably more than six<" answers Maria.

"She just wants someone to love her and to love her for her," says Marjori, her DFS Case Worker

Every adult who knows Maria well -- like her case worker, Marjori -- can't say enough about her.

"You can tell by her personality alone that she is she's not shy she's personable so she's already got the groundwork to be a loving person to have somebody love her and to succeed in this life, and she will," adds Marjori.

Maria makes good grades, loves math and history...hopes to be an attorney, and has worked hard to survive.

"You know, I've struggled a lot in life but I pulled myself through, and I been strong enough to pull myself through," admits Maria.

Maria wants a family with siblings... a big brother maybe.  People who love her and will accept her love in return.

"She's strong and she's got to be something someday and she's always said that she wants to find a forever family and that's what we're here to find," says Marjori.

"It's very encouraging, because I know, I have plans in my life that I want to go through and you know I like knowing that I have a chance," claims Maria.

Maria is free and clear for adoption, and can't wait to meet her new family.   If that's you, please get the process rolling, by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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