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Statement from Gold and Silver Pawn Shop

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"Gold and Silver Pawn has always been 100% in compliance with all regulations pertaining to our business and has assisted Metro 100% in all their efforts in investigating criminal activity on identifiable items and has an immaculate record with Metro in such cases." – Gold and Silver Pawn spokesperson Laura Herlovich.

"Gold and Silver Pawn and its owner Rick Harrison takes pride in their honest and fair dealings with all their customers and those who visit our shop. All employees are aware that they, too, must always be honest in their dealings and would be terminated if they are found to be dishonest in their dealings." – GSP spokesperson.

The original ticket was on Nov. 18 and was paid out at $2675, the second ticket was on Nov. 27 and was paid out at $6500, the final ticket was on Nov. 30 and was paid out at $375. In the regular course of business coin transferal takes place daily and quickly. Our team notated on Dec. 5 they were informed of the fact the coins were stolen. Our Chief of Security deals daily with Metro's Pawn Detail and they have his cell phone number to call him to make him aware of any activity he should be aware of. (Perhaps the investigating officer should have gotten Pawn Detail officers involved in this investigation as it involved a Pawn Shop and it appears that may not have happened?) If the metro officer investigating the case contacted anyone at GSPawn prior to Dec. 5, it was not the appropriate person he should have contacted. Our Chief of Security has no knowledge of any calls previous to Dec. 5 when he notated the situation and turned over video and tickets to the investigating officer. In effect, the first coins were in our store almost 3 weeks prior to the notification of their being stolen, the second set of coins over a week prior to the notification and the smallest value amount was in the store several days prior to the stolen notification.

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