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Nevada Addresses Bullying Through New Laws

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Gov. Brian Sandoval signed into law numerous bills from the Nevada Legislature last year that addressed bullying. Here are highlights:

Senate Bill 164 -- This requires public schools to disseminate information on bullying and facilitate positive relations among students during the annual "Week of Respect" proclaimed by the governor. It revises the definition of bullying to include conduct that exploits an imbalance in power. It expands provisions governing the training of school administrators, principals, teachers and other school employees on the subjects of bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment and intimidation. It also requires principals who receive a report of bullying to give notice of the report to the parent or guardian of each child involved in the incident.

Senate Bill 414 -- This prohibits a minor from knowingly using an electronic communication device such as a cell phone to transmit or distribute images of bullying committed against another minor for the purpose of encouraging or furthering bullying against that minor. Repeated violations could lead to juvenile detention.

Senate Bill 427 -- This requires courts and juvenile services departments to inform school districts if a child currently enrolled in the district has unlawfully engaged in bullying or cyber-bullying. It also expands the definition of bullying to include harassment and intimidation.

Senate Bill 442 -- This requires school district reports on the number of reported bullying and cyber-bullying violations at public schools and any actions taken to reduce those violations to be included in the annual reports of accountability prepared by the State Board of Education and the board of trustees of each school district.

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