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Metro Police Will Not Respond To Non-Injury Fender Benders

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LAS VEGAS -- Metro Police announced Monday that officers will no longer be responding to non-injury fender-bender accidents.

The department says officers are being stretched too thin, trying to get to these types of crashes. According to Metro Police, an average of 250 man-hours per week is dedicated to these types of wrecks.

The new policy will go into effect March 3. Officers will respond to injury accidents and hit-and-run incidents. They will also respond when a driver involved in a wreck refuses to exchange insurance information.

"We've lost 30 personnel from the traffic bureau alone in the last 18 months and that's 30 officers we do not have patrolling the streets (28) to do traffic and accident investigation (30)," Metro Traffic Bureau Capt. Mark Tavarez said. "We are not the only department that does this, LAPD does not respond to property damage crashes; neither does Tucson, San Diego City Police, San Francisco and a few other agencies around the country."

What do you think about the change?

Police say drivers should exchange insurance information and file a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles accident report within 10 days as required by state law. Officers suggest people use their phones to take a lot of photos for their insurance company.

Driver Dena Gaskin sees a lot of problems when it comes to self reporting collisions and accidents.

"A lot of problems, people are going to be over exaggerating, understating the accident, and the procedure of the accident isn't going to be reported correctly because of a lack of police involvement," Gaskin said.

The department says the new policy will allow it to proactively enforce laws in hopes of bringing down the number of fatal crashes on southern Nevada streets.

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