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Web Pictures Reveal Your Exact Location

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LAS VEGAS -- When it comes to the Internet, anyone can track you down through pictures you post or send, but there's an easy way to prevent that.

GPS coordinates are embedded with each photo you take allowing someone else to pinpoint exactly where you are.

"GPS is especially scary," Metro Police Sgt. Raymond Spencer said. "You can find that information in five seconds."

Spencer says it's easy to see how the information can end up in the wrong hands.

"The Internet is definitely a place that people who are going to target children utilize," he said.

Spencer shows us how easy it is. All he has to do is use a free application, easily found on the web, to see where the photo was taken. It gives the GPS coordinates and a map. Some of the applications are so specific, they can pinpoint the location in a building.

"One of the most important things I teach parents is turn off the GPS capabilities of a photograph, because once it's out there, it can never be taken back," Spencer said.

Jennifer Sanders says she often posts pictures of her two girls on Facebook. She had no idea someone could figure out exactly where the pictures were taken.

8 News NOW showed the concerned mom how to turn off the GPS function on her phone camera.

"That is worrisome, but now that I know to keep that off, it's off all the time," she said.

In most cases, to turn off GPS, just click on settings, then privacy, then location services, and you can turn off the GPS for the camera.

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