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Colleen May, Anchor

Norovirus Confirmed As Flamingo Hotel Illness

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(Oct. 26) -- Eyewitness News has learned that the illness that has plagued the Flamingo hotel and casino is the norovirus. We were the first to tell you about the spreading illness at the hotel. And Tuesday, the health district told us that they've had as many as 250 unconfirmed cases of norovirus -- most were Flamingo employees, and some were guests.

The Flamingo says they will fog all the 3,500 rooms in the hotel with an anti-viral chemical. They will also leave a letter in each room telling new guests about the situation.

Norovirus is spread by humans, after being picked up by fecal-oral contact. Washing hands after using the restroom is a critical preventive measure.

The hotel is aggressively cleaning the property and is using foggers to spray a sanitizer in the air to penetrate hard to clean surfaces.

(Oct. 25) evening -- The Clark County Health District says the norovirus may be what's caused dozens of people at the Flamingo hotel to get sick.

The health district is waiting for official lab results. But everything so far is pointing to the norovirus.

A source with the Flamingo hotel tells Eyewitness News that more than 100 people have reported not feeling well. They are still busy sanitizing the casino and the hotel.

The norovirus can live on a surface for several weeks.

(Oct. 25) morning -- Health officials may have identified what caused dozens of people to fall ill at the Flamingo hotel last week. A spokesman for the health district says it is operating under the hypothesis that it is the norovirus. Everything right now is pointing in that direction.

The health district, however, does not have lab results back yet. They expect those later today or tomorrow morning.

Over the weekend Eyewitness News visited the Harmon Medical Center where dozens of employees and guests have been going in search of relief.

The Flamingo says it is sanitizing slot machines, bathrooms, employee areas and guest rooms. In fact, Flamingo officials say they were overly cautious even before the health district got involved. They also have been notifying guests of the situation as soon as they check in.

A spokesman for the health district says this is not an outbreak of the flu. Again, they say everything is pointing in the direction of the norovirus.

The best thing you can do is wash your hands. The norovirus can live on a surface for up to four weeks.

The Flamingo is telling employees or guests who show symptoms of the illness to go to the Harmon Medical Clinic for testing and treatment. Test results are not expected until sometime this week.

This is similar to another incident at a downtown casino. In March, more than 1,500 people who either stayed at, or visited, the California hotel-casino downtown became ill with norovirus.

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