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8 on Your Side Helps Man Secure Prosthetic Limb

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LAS VEGAS - Raymond Dake landed on the streets of Las Vegas shortly after his wife died in 2010.

"I pretty much went into a deep depression," he said.

Drugs and alcohol dulled his pain until one day his hard living landed him in the hospital. Gangrene developed in his right leg.

"The doctor came up and he goes, ‘Okay, we'll I've got two options for you. You live and we cut off your leg, or you can die,'" Dake said.

He chose life, even though he doubted he would have a happy one. "My depression got to the point where I didn't care anymore," he said.

Back on the streets and back on drugs, his life spiraled out of control, until he landed at Westcare Nevada, where he got clean and sober.

After months of rehabilitation, he wanted to start working again. With only one leg, however, job opportunities were rare. He needed a prosthetic limb. Unable to afford one, he turned to 8 on Your Side which delivered.

"I'm walking out. I am so happy right now I could cry," he said. "I am walking out of here."

Dake can now enter the workforce and get his life moving in the right direction.

8 on Your Side secured a prosthetic limb for him thanks to two amazing organizations. Limbs for Life in Oklahoma provided free leg and foot parts. The Hanger Clinic built the device for free.

Without their help, Dake would have waited years for a prosthetic limb. Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, he received his new limb in one month's time.

If you need help with a problem, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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