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Northwest Family Upset Over 'Dangerous' Intersection

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The intersection of Durango Drive and Washburn Road. The intersection of Durango Drive and Washburn Road.
William Bushelle and Alissa Johnson. William Bushelle and Alissa Johnson.

LAS VEGAS -- Some northwest valley homeowners are pleading for help following a deadly crash over the weekend. Police say 38-year-old William Bushelle died after running a stop sign at Durango Drive and Washburn Road and hitting another car.

Alissa Johnson showed up at the intersection about 24 hours after the deadly crash. She was there to grieve the loss of her boyfriend.

"When I got the call, it's something you never want to hear," she said.

She was told Bushelle, a former Navy SEAL, had been killed.

"It just makes you realize how much people mean to you," Johnson said.

Bushelle was ejected from his car and died in the front yard of a home. The couple in that home say this is the just the latest in a string of crashes that have ended up on their property.

It's easy to see evidence of those crashes. There are smashed bits of vehicles and lights scattered on the ground. Homeowner Glen Cox says one crash resulted in a car hitting their home and demolishing a truck. Cox, and his wife, heard the Sunday morning crash and rushed outside to discover the gruesome scene unfolding.

"It's a sad story," Diana Cox said.

She was one of the first people to reach Bushelle as he lay in her yard. It's an image that haunts her.

"Every time I go out my door now, I have to think of that person who passed away in our yard," she said.

Even the street sign at Durango and Washburn is bent; the result of a crash last October. In all, there have been six crashes prior to Sunday's that have ended up on the family's property.

"It's happened in the middle of the day, it's happened, obviously now, in the middle of the night where someone was killed," Diana Cox said.

Area cyclists say speed plays a big role in making the area so dangerous.

"I like that there are a lot of bike paths, but the speed zone is only 45 and people do 60 and sometimes 70," cyclist Astrid Stroms said.

The neighborhood is rallying for either stoplight or a lighted stop sign to slow cars.

Erin Breen, the director of the Safe Community Partnership program says speed is most likely a key problem.

"How do you have a 45 mile an hour speed limit in a neighborhood? Because that's what it is," she said.

The people who live by the intersection say the current stop sign isn't always visible. Breen believes a lighted stop sign could help keep the neighborhood safer.

"If you put them on streets where it's critical, where there's a history of people missing a stop sign, then drivers might pay attention," Breen said.

The Cox family is hoping something can be done to protect both them and drivers.

Durango Drive straddles the county and City of Las Vegas boundaries. 8 News NOW reached out to both to see if any plans were in the works, but due to the holiday, have not heard back.


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