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Educators Prepare for Year-Round Schedules at 10 Schools

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LAS VEGAS -- Crowding at some Clark County schools is forcing the district to go to year-round schedules at 10 schools starting in the fall. Those schools will join a list of three schools already on a year-round schedule.

While the schedule is designed to ease overcrowding, district officials say there could be some other benefits for students.

Friday was Teacher Development Day for the district. It was also the day after educators at Clyde Cox Elementary School learned they will be on a year-round schedule.

"We feel that our kids actually get ahead instead of regressing like they usually do during the summer time," principal Cheryl Davis said.

She says 80 percent of her students are English Language Learners, or ELL and they will benefit greatly with the new schedule.

"By having that continuous learning, they're continuously hearing that academic vocabulary, that English."

The year-round schedule can also be beneficial for the children of needy families who often rely on schools lunches for nutrition.

"If kids are hungry, their mind is not on learning," Davis said.

Over the past three years, Cox Elementary has gone from 750 students to 900 students which means the school is at 120 percent capacity.

"For safety reasons, when it comes to lunchrooms and restrooms, those types of things, it is now a necessity," Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky said.

He says students at each year round-school will be broken into five different groups. The groups will be rotated so that only four are in the school at a particular time.

"We are so overcrowded here at Clyde C. Cox. It's what's needs to happen in order to provide that safe and sound environment for students," Davis said.



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