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Cool at School: Christian School Helps 'Clean the World'

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LAS VEGAS - A valley school is trying to make the world a better place. The Calvary Chapel Christian School took part in a cleaning event at the Clean the World Foundation.  

"We're here at Clean the World for part of our Missions Week project. Each day, we go to a different place to help out," said sixth grader Jake Perez.

"We learn a lot in the classroom on what to do, but it's totally different to actually get out and do it and serve. It puts the kids in a different spot," said secondary principal Joe Ruiz.

At Clean the World Foundation, the students helped process toiletries that were disposed at Strip hotels.

"We're taking used soap bottles, and we're drying them off - drying them off and putting them on trays," Perez said.

The soaps on the trays will eventually be turned into bars of soap, packaged and redistributed. The effort of the students will help bring better hygiene to the valley's homeless, as well as thousands of others around the world.

"It's a really good feeling to know you're making a difference in a community, even if it's just something little," said senior Sydney Bendrick. "You're helping out in any way you can, and it just feels really good."

Bendrick says many recent graduates come back and volunteer for Missions Week. Ruiz says the effort also reinforces families. Students often pitch in a little more at home after volunteering.

"(It's good) for them to see some of the struggles these people go through and to realize there's a different world out there," Ruiz said.

The volunteer effort represents What's Cool at School.

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