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Effort to Make Bus Stop Safer Stalled

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LAS VEGAS -- It was a crash that police called the worst scene investigators had ever encountered. It's been almost a year and a half since Gary Lee Hosey, Jr. plowed a car into a crowded bus stop, killing four people and injuring five others.

8 News NOW has learned plans to move that bus stop farther from the street have stalled, and it might take a controversial approach to make the move.

The images from that September morning are not easy to forget. The scars of the tragedy are still apparent for those who were there. The accident is something they'll never forget.

Pam Potter rides Bus #203, the same bus four others were waiting for the day of the crash. Potter's son was supposed to be at the bus stop that day.

"He goes, 'Mom, there are body parts everywhere. Somebody hit the bus stop,'" Potter said. "I can't imagine. You can't forget those families, because they still suffer, but they never go on and (are) not the same."

Since the crash, the Regional Transportation Commission examined ways to make the stop safer. The agency's solution is to move the bus stop away from Spring Mountain Road and into what is currently a parking lot.

The bus stop sits in Clark County Commissioner Susan Brager's district. She says multiple attempts to reach the property owners have gone nowhere.

"It's been a challenge, because we want to change as many of those as we can. We want our citizens to be safe," Brager said. "We have contacted the owner of the shopping center. We've tried e-mail. We've tried calling. When you call, it takes you around a call tree that goes nowhere."

The owner of the shopping center is listed as Spring Oaks Shopping Center LLC based out of Los Angeles. 8 News NOW called the company several times, but received no answer.

Erin Breen is the chairperson of the RTC's Bus Stop Advisory Committee. She said moving the stop away from the street could mean the difference between life and death.

"I think what the county should do is take the land by eminent domain," Breen said. "Let's get them out of harm's way before the next drunk idiot driver hits another group of people at a bus stop."

Breen added moving the stop down the street might endanger additional lives.

"If you moved any farther east, they're all going to cross mid-block, and somebody's going to get killed crossing the street. So, that's not a good solution," Breen said.

With every option for the improvements on the bus stop hitting dead ends, Breen said eminent domain is a real possibility, and Commissioner Brager agrees.

"I think in that sense, when safety is absolutely paramount in this community, I think we should look at it," Brager said. "I don't always like eminent domain. It should be used for the betterment of the community."

Gary Lee Hosey, Jr. was sentenced last year up to 80 years in prison. He told the judge he was "so very sorry" for what he had done.

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