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2/12/14 Ayanna Has Waited Long Enough

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You'd be surprised how many children "come of age" while they're in foster care.   'Something everyone would like to avoid, of course... especially today's candidate.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Ayanna... A twelve-year-old who says she's ready to be adopted -- today!

This beautiful 12-year-old had already painted her cupcake at "Color Me Mine" in Henderson's "The District" when we arrived. She was actually on Wednesday's Child many years ago, but asked us not to use those pictures, 'cause it would be too embarrassing.   Why?  because she's that age...

"She has endured um, and endured this process and risen above. I have watched her grow from almost… not from a baby but from a very young child to just young mature lady that insists on inserting herself in a family, and has made specific requests as to that family," says Bren, who has known Ayanna many years, and is her DFS Adoption Recruiter.

Ayanna understands completely the adoption process...says she's more than ready for it... That she's tired of being moved.

"It's kinda like annoying, like I had to leave home and then go back and stuff, and then so I won't have to do that and I just want to be adopted," admits Ayanna.

"She has undergone tremendous change in her life and many moves and through it all she has soared," explains Bren.

What you come to realize with Ayanna is that she's a very mature 12-yr-old who knows what she wants.

"I want to be a chemist and if I can't do that and I want to be a banker, and if I can't do that and I want to be a forensic scientist," explains Ayanna.

Ayanna would like to be a big sister, and expressed an interest in having a family with a dog... But is open to any loving home.

"The sky is the absolute limit for this kid, I believe in this child, as I stand by her right now, and I know that there's a family out there for her right now, and I can see her in a family, and I can see her six months from now finalizing that adoption, and she can't wait to be there either. She's ready to go. She asked me in the car on the way over here, can you put me in one of those homes for six months so I can get adopted? she says let's get going, and I'm ready," says Bren.

In case you didn't hear, Ayanna is more than ready to be adopted.   If that might be you, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now to get started with the process.   The  number is 436-6335.

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