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More Kids Choosing Coffee, Energy Drinks for Caffeine Fix

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LAS VEGAS -- The popularity of coffee shops and energy drinks is not lost on the next generation.

In fact, more and more kids are choosing those drinks. A new study says about three out of four kids are turning to the drinks to get a quick pick-me-up, but there are questions about how safe the drinks are for growing kids. 

Researchers say nearly 73 percent of kids and adolescents are getting a regular caffeine fix. However, too much caffeine can be bad for kids and more research needs to be done, especially since more kids are drinking coffee and energy drinks.

More kids and adolescents are skipping the soda, and heading for a cup of joe, according to a recent study.

"There are a lot younger people coming in the door," Sherman Ray with Avery's Coffee said.

He says it is everything in moderation. But to play it safe, he'll make a specialty drinks for kids and parents.

While researchers say more kids are drinking coffee, they also say popularity for energy drinks is growing.

High school senior Calvet Howell says energy drinks are tempting.

"It makes you, like, 'I wonder if it tastes good,' and you just take it and you're like, 'yeah, it does taste good,'" Howell said.

The study on caffeine intake among kids and adolescents points to sales data showing a six-fold increase in energy drink sales. It also outlines the risks, like toxicity and death because of too much caffeine. 

Aimee Wenske at Xyience insists the Las-Vegas based energy drink company does not market to kids.

"When we do marketing, it is aimed always at adults," Wenske said.

Anyone who has watched UFC has probably seen ads for Xyience.

Wenske claims one can has less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. She also points to the label, saying it is not recommended for children under 18. It is small and it is on the back of the can, but it is there.

"I think that Xyience is definitely ahead of the curve and the fact that we've always gone in the straight and we're only continuing to improve our marketing and our tactics even more," Wenske said.

Whether it is an energy drink or a cup of joe, Calvet Howell says it is time to cut back.

"Too much caffeine just keeps you hyper and then you're always out active and then you get tired and you end up falling asleep and then you don't want to get up," Howell said.

The study points out that the amount of caffeine consumption among kids and teenagers hasn't changed much. It is just the type of caffeine that kids are drinking which is different.

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