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Consultant Helps Businesses Set Up Medical Marijuana Shops

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LAS VEGAS -- Some business owners are calling it Nevada's new gold rush.

A lot of entrepreneurs are looking to get into the business of medical marijuana.

While the Legislature passed a law last year allowing for dispensaries to be set up, no one is allowed to sell medical marijuana right now, but within months, the state is expected to hand down its own set of guidelines so businesses can sell the drug legally.

There are people all over Clark County who want to operate dispensaries but the application process is hundreds of pages long with no guarantees.

The reality is only 40 licenses can be handed out in Clark County, getting that license is very competitive.

Many would-be marijuana sellers are using specialized consulting companies to give them an edge.

In a memorable scene in the TV drama "Mad Men", ad executive Don Draper tells a group of businessmen that their company can be comfortable and dead, or risky and possibly rich.

The real life Don Draper -- of marijuana -- is encouraging some Las Vegas valley entrepreneurs to do the same.

"I would be happy to give him 10 percent in lieu of the $10,000 up front from now until we get the license," Adam Bierman said.

Bierman has formed MedMen, a full service consulting firm, that assists entrepreneurs across the country on setting up and marketing medical marijuana dispensaries.

"In Nevada, nobody has any experience in regards to the business of marijuana," Bierman said.

Bierman is helping Clark County businesses navigate the challenging licensing process required by the state.

"As they should, they are requesting five years tax returns, that you're an upstanding citizen. They're requesting that you're a good community actor," he explained.

Kathy Gillespie hopes she fits that bill. Gillespie owns a printing company but is looking to get into growing and later selling medical marijuana.

"A marketing plan is a very important piece of this application process," Gillespie said.

She has already hired MedMen and invested thousands, hoping to get one of the coveted dispensary licenses.

"We would not be able to do this on our own," she said.

Bierman says businesses are just a few months out from having to submit extensive applications for dispensary licenses.

MedMen doesn't guarantee anything but does use its experience working with out of state dispensaries as models to get results.

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