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Janine Gill, Reporter

Mysterious Illness at Flamingo Hotel

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(Oct. 22) -- The Flamingo hotel and casino on the Strip is taking extra health precautions because dozens of employees and hotel guests have come down with the same illness.

Around 60 employees and guests reported that they became sick with a gastro-intestinal like illness. The hotel is working with the health district. But so far, it's a mystery as to why these dozens of people fell ill in the past week.

Brian Labus, with the Clark County Health District, said, "We've had reports of ill guests with symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. We're trying to find out what's going on, basically."

Hotel management handed out a flyer to all of its employees notifying them of the gastro-intestinal illness. A spokesperson says that patrons are being notified as well. 

Jimmy Filla checked into the Flaming hotel Friday and wasn't informed of the illness. He found out another way. "I'm from Texas and somebody who I know had been out here staying at the Flamingo and told me some people are getting sick so be careful."

Employees and guests who experienced symptoms are getting tested at a local medical clinic. After the lab results are in, the health district will be able to determine what sort of agent they're dealing with and how contagious it might be.

"We're trying to determine what common thread goes through all the different cases. Did they eat at all the same place? Did they all attend the same event? Were they all eating at the same facility? We're trying to determine all that right now," Labus explained.

Flamingo management says it is doing extra heavy chemical cleaning throughout the hotel.

The health district's Brian Labus says, "When they had a report of a guest becoming ill in one of their rooms, they've stepped up their cleaning procedures. They're doing a lot more things using cleaning products. They've now gone to using disposable ice bucks in the rooms. They've gone to disposable cups in the bars."

Flamingo guest, Jimmy Filla comments, "Obviously it's a little bit of a concern. I don't want to get sick. I don't want my wife to get sick, but I feel confident that they'll get it taken care of."

A spokesperson at the Flamingo says they became aware of the problem on Wednesday. They immediately called the health district and asked for their assistance.

They are telling employees and guests the best thing they can do to prevent illness is to wash their hands frequently, especially before eating.

The Flamingo is telling employees or guests who show symptoms of the illness to go to the Harmon Medical Clinic for testing and treatment. Test results are not expected until sometime next week.

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