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Cool at School: Goddard School Puts New Twist on Classic Toy

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HENDERSON, Nev. - It's not organized chaos. It's just chaos.

Four-year-old students at the Goddard School in Henderson are part of a learning experiment that urges them to create structure out of a chaotic collection of Tinker Toys.

"We are doing a toy test for Tinker Toys, so they gave us the toys to play with and gave us three problems to solve," pre-school teacher Mindy Schlueter said. "Our class decided how to live under the water."

The kids settled on building a submarine out of Tinker Toys. They started by brain storming, then created a blueprint and, finally, devised a solution.

The children then added the Tinker Toys. The process involved a lot of trial and error.

A student named Chase worked on the "propulsion system". "That's the flappers. Here's the driver," he said.

These pre-schoolers have two days to build something that will resemble a submarine. They will take part in a contest as well, but the real goal is learning.

"They're using creative language, using different names for toys for language arts, different color associations," Schlueter said. "So, they were talking to their friends. ‘Can I have the blue one?' ‘Can I have the green one?'"

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