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8 on Your Side Offers Tips for Removing Gray Charges

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LAS VEGAS - You may be paying fees on your credit card and cell phone bills and not know it. 8 on Your Side looks at these "gray charges" and how you can avoid paying them.

Gray charges are strange charges that appear on your bills. Almost everyone gets them, and they can add approximately $200 a year to your bills. The charges aren't mandatory, however, and you can remove them.

They are called gray charges, because they fall in a morally gray area. They end up on your credit card bill in many ways. Each gray charge does not exceed $10.

You can use a free app called Bill Guard to get all the codes and scan your bill for them.

"What the app will do is prioritize the noteworthy and questionable charges that you should really pay attention to, make sure you are okay with them and verify them," said Bill Guard creator Yaron Samid. "Once you find something that is unwanted, Bill Guard has a function of being able to contact the merchant to get your money back or cancel a subscription."

Samid created the app after his wife found a gray charge on her statement that she wanted removed. He says his app lists more than $50 million of gray charges people don't need to pay. Bill Guard is safe, because it doesn't need your account numbers.

"It's a very private system, highly secure and will bring your transactions from all of your cards, all the cards in your wallet into one clean view for you to look in one app, so you can quickly review all of your charges," Samid said.

Unnecessary charges can also appear on cell phone bills. They are called "cramming charges", because companies cram them on customer bills.

Once you find the crammed charges you didn't sign up for or don't understand, call your provider and ask for them to be removed.

The most common crammed cell phone charge is a fee for third party billing. If you see a fee for that on your bill, you can call your provider and tell them you no longer want third party billing. The company must immediately drop it from your bill.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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