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Las Vegas Man Convicted of Murder in Boy's Death

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LAS VEGAS -- The man police say is responsible for shaking a little boy, who eventually died, has now been found guilty of murder.

The jury made the decision against Edward Thompson Monday afternoon. However, the case started years ago when Brayden Grusman-Buckmaster was first born.

Thompson shook Brayden so hard it caused brain damage.

"The incredible pressure in his brain, the bulging fontanels, collapsing ventricles. They couldn't even put a pressure monitor inside Brayden's head," Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Staudaher told the judge during the closing arguments.

The District Attorney's Office pressed for a murder charge because Thompson did not take the child to the hospital after he was hurt.

Brayden died when he was 5 years old after struggling with the consequences of the injuries for years.

The boy's mother, Monique Bork, already plead guilty to child abuse and murder charges. A judge was going to sentence Bork in that part of the case Monday, but the decision was delayed.

During her sentencing hearing, Bork listened to letters penned by the boy's adopted parents, who are angry over his young life that was cut short.

"The only thing going through my head right now is that the people responsible pay because unfortunately they gave our son a life sentence of five years," Brayden's mother Gayle Grusman said.

Bork's sentence was pushed to Wednesday.

Grusman and her partner Tish Buckmaster hope both Thompson and Bork receive the harshest penalties possible.

"That means he didn't die in vain," Grusman said.

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