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8 on Your Side Cracks Retail Price Codes

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LAS VEGAS - Ever wonder how to get the best deals at Costco, Target and other big box stores? 8 on Your Side cracks the price tag codes for major retailers.

By knowing the codes, shoppers can determine if they will pay full price, a sale price or a clearance price on almost any product.

Kyle James is the creator of RatherBeShopping.com. He made it his life mission to crack retail codes. He gets his information directly from store employees.

He cracked Costco's code first, and his research spread like wildfire on the Internet and social media.

"It kind of took off, and then I started getting e-mails from employees at Old Navy and Home Depot that kind of gave me the 411 on what their particular stores did," he said.

Learn More About Retail Price Codes

The Costco code is easy to learn. If a price ends in 99 cents, it is full price. If it ends in 97 cents, 88 cents or 00 cents, it has been marked down from full price. If the price tag ends in 79 cents, 89 cents, or 49 cents, it is a manufacturer's special and a really great deal. The best deals at Costco will have one thing in common: an asterisk on the price tag.

"If you see that asterisk, that is kind of the key at Costco. An asterisk in the top right hand corner of the price tag on the shelf shows it is a discontinued item, and that is going to be the best price you are going to find," James said.

If you see an asterisk at Costco, it is a great deal, but one you will likely never see again.

These same rules can also be applied at Target. Anything that ends with 99 cents is full price. If it ends in 98 cents, it has been marked down once, but is not the lowest price it will go. Target marks items ending in 4 cents, when they have reached their lowest discount price.

Each store has its own code system. These stores use them as part of their inventory process. The codes help workers determine where to stock items on shelves.

If you have a problem you want investigated, contact 8 on Your Side at 702-650-1907.

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