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Fire Marshals Fighting Illegal Speed Bumps

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LAS VEGAS -- Speed bumps keep people from speeding through neighborhoods streets, parking lots and apartment complexes, but they also stop first responders from getting to people in need.

Now, fire marshals are fighting the use of illegal speed bumps in hopes of improving response times to emergencies.

Legal bumps are actually speed humps, which means they are wide and flat. Illegal bumps are rounded, which makes them nearly impossible for big and heavy vehicles like fire trucks to get over.

Speed bumps were recently removed from an apartment complex near Charleston Boulevard and Torrey Pines Drive where many children play around in the parking lot.

"As a parent, yeah. I'm always cautious, but yeah, everybody else in the community needs to be as cautious too," parent Calvin Elam said.

"All the kids, they play right here. And what if a child runs right in the front?" one resident said.

"People don't even have to slow down now. They can just go fast around these corners," mother Latasha Harris said. "To not have them, it's just crazy. It's ridiculous."

Fire marshals are in the process citing properties across the Las Vegas valley for illegal speed bumps because when there is an emergency, they don't want anything slowing down first responders.

Until last week, the apartment complex on Charleston Blvd. and Torrey Pines Drive wasn't fully accessible to fire crews. Las Vegas Fire & Rescue officials say the bumps are causing their vehicles to bottom out, crack or worse.

"We practically have to come to a stop to cross over. You can't drive over those with those in 40,000-to-50,000-pound trucks," Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas fire & Rescue said.

Fire crews say while speed humps can slow a car to safe speeds, speed bumps could stop them from saving a life.

"That is like blocking an exit in a store or removing exit signs," Szymanski said.

The effort to remove illegal speed bumps is now valley wide and soon fire crews hope they'll be able to improve response time, making sure everyone is gets help in time.

Fire marshals are now asking for people's help in reporting illegal speed bumps. People can call the hotline number (702) 229-0336 to report illegal speed bumps

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