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Las Vegas Bar Could Bring New Meaning to ‘Shots’

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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- If you think you have the fastest gun in the West, you might get your chance to prove it if a proposal to bring gun fighting as a spectator sport becomes a reality.

One man hopes to build a whole league of gunfighters who use modified handguns and non-lethal ammunition to a North Las Vegas tavern.

Whiskey Dick's could become the launching point for the gun battle competitions, if they are approved.

Nephi Oliva of North Las Vegas refers to the fast draw shootouts as a sport and plans to roll out his gun fighting stage in the parking lot of Whiskey Dick's Friday. He believes his idea is popular enough to spread to other venues across the country. The gun battle is fought between two people in what Oliva calls a "stage cage."

"We've modernized the cowboy fast draw," Oliva said.

He has been working for years to get the new sport off the ground. He became a certified firearms instructor and wants to make non-lethal gun fighting a game that draws crowds.

The 30-by-8-foot steel cage is designed so gunslingers can stand at opposite ends of the cage while a live band plays on the top of the cage. The combatants wear body armor and use modified 9 mm Glocks with non-lethal ammunition.

"Stimulation training is one of the most realistic ways you can train and it just happens to be really really fun," Oliva said.

Although the competition is held in a tavern, competitors will not be allowed to drink alcohol, he added.

North Las Vegas Police and building inspectors are looking into the safety of the sport, but the mayor already likes the idea.

"I don't know if we're getting behind it, but if it's a legal opportunity for a new look, a fresh new business, I'm very interested in this," said North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.

Oliva says the sport has potential to take off everywhere.

"A city like North Las Vegas needs new innovations and creativity to attract people in," he said.

He wants to bring a bit of the Wild West back to the West.

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