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Driving You Crazy: Red Arrow at Nellis and Stewart

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LAS VEGAS - Drivers say the flashing yellow arrow at the corner of Stewart Avenue and Nellis Boulevard is stuck on a red arrow. They ask if the yellow light can be restored.

Traffic officials say the light is fixed on red for a reason. This is a high crash zone. According to Metro Police, Stewart and Nellis is the worst intersection in the valley for injury accidents. Within a six-month period in 2013, 17 injury accidents occurred at this intersection. In 2012, 45 accidents took place there.

In the interest of safety, traffic officials eliminated permissive left turns on a flashing yellow light.

Crews also took other safety measures. They extended the median island on Stewart east of Nellis to avoid conflicts for those entering shopping centers. They are testing signal phasing and considering adding dual left turn lanes.

The intersection sees too many accidents, however, to restore the flashing yellow arrow.

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