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8 on Your Side: Report Points to Starbucks App Vulnerabilities

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LAS VEGAS - If you use Starbucks' popular smart phone app, take heed. A new report shows the app leaves some of your personal information vulnerable to cyber attack.

Millions of coffee lovers use the popular app to pay for drinks or food. The app saves usernames, passwords and other personal information in plain text.

If someone picks up your phone, they could potentially obtain your Starbucks password and gain access to the money in your account. If you're like many people and use the same password for multiple sites, you could be at an even greater risk.

A security researcher discovered the vulnerability, which was first reported by Computerworld.

While it is possible to gain your personal information through the app, it's not easy. A hacker would have to connect the phone to a laptop and know how to access the file. Because of the difficulty involved, Starbucks representatives say the idea this could happen is far-fetched.

So far, no customers have had their information compromised. Still, the coffee giant says security is of the utmost importance. Company representatives say Starbucks is monitoring any risks and/or vulnerabilities.

Since this report surfaced, app users say the app no longer keeps people logged on. They have to re-enter their passwords every time they open it.

In light of recent security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, however, users of the Starbucks app should take care to protect their information.

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