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1-22-14 Alexis Hopes to be a Veterinarian

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13 years old is a crucial age to be able to get your bearings in life.   Today's Wednesday's Child is right there.   Alexis is in a loving foster home, but very much wants to find a forever home.
Little did we know that when we scheduled time to meet Alexis... It was exactly where she wanted to be.

"I love bowling, it's my favorite sport," explains Alexis.

But of course, Alexis's skills and interests don't stop there.

"Well she likes to roller blade, bowl, cook, we do cooking together, she loves to sing play her guitar a lot of fun things," says Anne, her current foster mother.

Anne sees a lot of potential in aAexis... Who is working hard at school towards a very specialized career.

"And her goal is to be a veterinarian someday, she loves animals, and she wants to be a wildlife veterinarian. She likes wolves in all kinds of wild animals," says Anne.

"I'm trying to go to college so I can get of the wildlife veterinarian job. I know it's going to take a long time so I'm doing my best," admits Alexis

Alexis does her best with most things she can control...but adoption is not one of them, and it's been a while since she had stability.  

"I've been through… this is actually my sixth home I've been in, for a total of three years," explains Alexis.

Alexis needs parents who will make her feel special, and can provide her structure.

"Yes, yes, she needs structure mainly to help her through difficult times," admits Anne, "I think that if she moves to a wonderful home with a wonderful family she will be able to trust them, and love them too, like she has me."

Alexis is free and clear for adoption to the right family.   If that's you, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange to get started in the process:  436-6335.

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