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Customers of Bankrupt Private Vault Company Tricky to Locate

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LAS VEGAS -- A Las Vegas private vault business has gone bankrupt and now attorneys are scrambling to find the customers so they can claim their valuables.

The task hasn't been easy given the business was built on a promise of anonymity. To get a safe deposit box, customers never had to give any personal information to rent out the box. No names, no addresses, no phone numbers were required and now this kind of anonymous business practice is making it hard to locate customers.

Scott Kennedy couldn't believe when he heard 24-7 Private Vaults had filed for bankruptcy.

"It's like you have just been punched in the stomach," he said.

His most precious belongings are stored in a safe box inside the building.

"It's been a tough three or four days because some things aren't replaceable, pictures, documents irreplaceable," he said.

Kennedy isn't the only one frustrated.

"Like everybody else, I'm a little upset," customer Linden Mitchell said.

He had just signed up for a security box less than a month ago and had no idea the business was in trouble.

"This could ruin certain people, you understand?"

Bankruptcy attorney Brian Shapiro has been assigned to help customers get into the building to retrieve their belongings. He says it's been a challenge because people weren't required to leave their personal information when they signed up for the boxes.

"It's very frustrating because I know people want to get their valuables," he said. "And there's no way for me to contact them."

An employee at private vaults told 8 News NOW, the owner, 88-year-old Elliot Shaikin, couldn't keep the business going after it was robbed two years ago.

Shapiro says he is still trying to reach some 800 customers who, instead of personal information, can only get into their safe boxes with a retinal scan, a pass code, and keys.

Kennedy said he's relieved he was able to retrieve his documents, pictures and cash.

"I am happy now to be out and I will just go down to the casino and spend it," he said.

The attorney says if customers don't come to claim their valuables in a certain amount of time, he may have to get a court order to drill into the safe boxes and take out the belongings to put in another secure location.

Click this link to contact attorney Brian Shapiro.

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