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Reckless Motorcycle Riders Caught on Camera

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LAS VEGAS -- Several concerned drivers called the Nevada Highway Patrol on Sunday afraid an accident was about to happen. They reported that some motorcyclists were riding recklessly on the road.

One family was coming back from church and had their baby with them in the car. They say what they saw poses a downright danger, but an attorney representing motorcycle clubs says this is much ado about nothing.

Bobby wanted to come forward, but says he must remain anonymous.

"Basically, I saw around 35 street bikes that were all together, cruising," Bobby said.

He was driving on Blue Diamond Road Sunday with his family and says the bikers threw out the rules of the road.

"Standing on their bikes, standing on their handlebars, sitting backwards on the bikes," Bobby said.

He says the motorcycles blocked the flow of traffic. They started capturing some of the motorcycle rider's moves on camera.

One rider does a donut in the intersection.

"It is very nerve wracking," Bobby said.

Another man is caught on camera doing what is known as a burn out.

"It is an extreme concern because when they're spinning their wheels and they're causing that much smoke, you literally can't see the car in front of you," Bobby said.

Bobby didn't like what he saw one bit.

"They were in all lanes. They were very intimidating," he said.

Attorney Stephen Stubbs disagrees.

"I ride a motorcycle with a bow tie, and people have said they're intimidated by me and my motorcycle, and I think it's just silly," Stubbs said.

Stubbs represents 43 motorcycle clubs.

"Honestly, I didn't think the videos were much at all." he said, "From what I saw, there were a couple of traffic infractions caught on video. They shouldn't happen. You should obey the laws, but people blow things up and make a big deal out of very small things."

Bobby doesn't have a problem with law-abiding riders.

"Do it somewhere it is safe for them and for the other people around," Bobby said.

Stubbs says drivers need to respect motorcyclists like they would any driver of a car.

"I think the culture right now has people afraid of motorcyclists," he said.

NHP says troopers did respond to Blue Diamond Road after concerned drivers reported the motorcycles.

However, troopers did not observe any violations, and did not have probable cause to make a traffic stop.

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