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New Price Board Designed to Stop Las Vegas Taxi Long-Hauling

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LAS VEGAS -- Long-hauling, the problem of cab drivers taking passengers the long way for more money has plagued Las Vegas for years, but now there is a new tool to help prevent getting taken for a ride.

The I-Team has done dozens of stories investigating this problem. About 10 percent of the 3,000 violations, the Taxicab Authority wrote up last year, were for long-hauling. An I-Team investigation showed about half of the cabs leaving McCarran International Airport took their passengers on a longer ride than necessary. Those are some significant numbers because McCarran is one of the busiest airports in the world.

The Taxicab Authority unveiled its new information board Friday at McCarran that is designed to put an end to long-hauling. The board shows the prices it should cost a cab rider to travel to various destinations. The board lists prices to nearly two dozen hotels on and off the Las Vegas Strip.

"I think it was great because it was a surprise when our hotel is a couple of miles away, we were surprised by the price," said Werner Buchholz, visiting from Florida.

It should cost about $13.20 to get to the MGM from the airport and less than $30 to go to the Golden Nugget which is downtown.

"I think we would say, 'hey it looks like it should be less than $30,'" Buchholz said.

The Taxicab Authority took notice of the issue after a series of I-Team stories and decided to make some changes.

"We've studied the traffic patterns. We've studied the range and rate data for a number of years," said Charles Harvey, Taxicab Authority.

Whether the sign will have the desired result is hard to say. Dozens of tourists at the airport walked right by it without taking a look.

"This is the first phase of this test," Harvey said.

The Taxicab Authority will monitor the progress of the sign. Several riders who did notice the sign did tell Channel 8 they paid the proper price.


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