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NLV Mayor Lays Out Plans for City's Future

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NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev.  -- "Unity can be the glue that binds us." Those words came during Thursday's State of the City address from North Las Mayor John Lee.

The city has a long history of financial trouble and Mayor Lee was open about them during his address. 

In a special city council meeting last week, Lee blasted the previous administration for not providing a clearer picture of the city's dire financial situation.

Thursday's address was focused on the future.

"I'm a plumber. I've dealt with a lot of crap over the years," Lee said.

The former plumber turned state senator and now North Las Vegas mayor, Lee was frank about the state of the city's finances.

"Our council has decided to act, not react, by stepping forward with an honest assessment of our financial condition," Lee said.

In his state of the city address, Lee says the city transferred millions of dollars in water and sewer money to other accounts to try to balance the budget in recent years but he says that practice is over.

"We have ended the days of North Las Vegas mumbling along from one financial crisis to the next without a clearly defined vision for our city," the mayor said.

To help end the shortfall, Lee plans to save by sharing services with the city of Las Vegas, rent out three floors of city hall and save property taxes from rising homes prices.

A local teamsters representative felt encouraged by Lee's speech.

"We think that the mayor is being transparent," Al Ghilarducci said.

But North Las Vegas resident Sharon Kelso wonders if the bulk of the community shares Lee's energy.

"I think he has a very positive outlook and that is wonderful but I don't know that the rest of the community, majority of the community, shares that positivity because we're just looking at the fact that our houses are not worth what we paid for them," Kelso said.

Despite its history of hard times, the new mayor promises change.

"Today, we begin the fight for the future of our city and our entire region," Lee said.

Financial advisors say the city has bond payments to make within the next couple of years to pay for projects like the city hall building.

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