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1-15-14 Two Brothers Willing to Trust Again

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Most foster kids have trust issues, and who could blame them?  Today's pair of brothers are wary, but willing to be adopted.   Dave Courvoisier introduces us to Eric and Javeion.

Bowling is the great equalizer...at least it was for us, 'cause we were all equally awkward on the lanes.   The whole idea is to have fun, though, and that we did.

Eric and Javeion are typical brothers, which means they get on each other's nerves once in a while, but they also have each other's back.

Eric is a 6th grader with a constant smile:

"Just a fun loving guy, very goofy, and she's cheerful, he's the youngest that I have in my home and he's you know I want to put too much pressure on him but he's cut alike the glue in the home like you know people go to him for comic relief, so… always got a smile on his face… very competitive though," says Lee, the foster father in the home where the boys lived recently.

Older brother Javeion is more quiet, and you have to go further to reach him.

"He's more laid-back than Eric, he's not the charismatic type, but once you get to the core of him, he'll express it, he'll exhibit the fun loving guy, cheerful, same as Eric," says Lee.

Both are doing well in school, and mind their duties at home.   Making clear boundaries is the key to success with these two.

"But structure has to be there for both of them, without the structure, I think they feel that you know there's no light at the end of the tunnel, were just in a be here until further notice," admits Lee.

These guys need a loving home that will be unwavering in their dedication and support.

"A stable environment, someone who is willing or willing to show these guys that you know they're going to be there a long time, because I think for them they look at foster care as, over get a bounce from home to home, but if it's something that is constant or you know consistent, I think both of them would do well." admits Lee.

There is a little sister who would also need to be considered in any adoption of Eric and Javeion.   If you have interest in adopting them, please get started by calling the local office of the SAdoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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