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Boulder City Dealing with Big City Issue

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BOULDER CITY, Nev. -- Criminals are breaking windows and knocking down doors to burglarize homes. This crime wave is happening in an unlikely place -- the normally quiet Boulder City.

Boulder City, a quaint community about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas, is dealing with a spike in burglaries. The crooks are taking jewelry and coins and causing residents to worry.

"Just love it. It's Mayberry. It truly is, it's like Mayberry," said Anne Baxter, a Boulder City real estate agent.

She moved to the city 15 years ago from Boston. Lately, she's heard about an uptick in home break-ins.

"It is a little disturbing because we have very, very little crime," she said.

Police officer Chadd Richner is Boulder City born and raised.

"Good morning, gentlemen," said Richner as he greets some people while patrolling a neighborhood that has been hit by the burglars.

"Mainly, I look around to see what's out of place," he said.

He also checks in with neighbors who can be the eyes and ears for police.

"Catch anybody yet?" A neighbor asks. "Not yet, but I know our detectives are working full time on it," Richner replies.

Boulder city's population is slightly more than 15,000. Its crime rate is not only low, it is extremely low. When there are four or five home burglaries during the first week of the new year, it is the talk of the town.

"I've been here 20 years, and it's the first time anything like this has happened," one Boulder City resident said.

"We haven't been able to catch them yet. So they're getting a little bit more bold," said Sgt. John Glenn, Boulder City Police Department.

The suspect, or suspects, have even struck during daylight hours. They have targeted the city's lettered streets and streets named after trees. For now, officers are making contact with anyone who looks suspicious.

"If they're carrying backpacks, we're requesting permission to check their backpacks because our reports are that we have people walking around through alleys with backpacks on, jumping fences and doing these burglaries," Glenn said.

"Our slogan here in Boulder City is a world away for a day," Baxter said.

Boulder City police are looking into whether a man riding a bicycle and young woman in her 20's may be involved. For now, they urge anyone who sees something unusual to report it.

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