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George Knapp, Investigative Reporter

Voter Fraud Allegations Headed to Court

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(Oct. 14) -- Another eyewitness has come forward with allegations of improprieties in voter registration. This witness says she worked directly for the Republican party.

Unlike the allegations leveled earlier this week by another former field registrar, this source, Patricia Parker, does not claim to have seen registration forms torn up or tossed away. But she says she and others were told to do exactly that by their Republican employers.

"The person I went out with each day, her and I talked about it. Why throw them away? Why can't we just register them?" asked Patricia Parker.

She says she worked for less than two weeks as a voter registrar for the state Republican Party. She and others walked neighborhoods to sign up voters, but only Republican voters. She says her supervisors at the party, two women named Monica and Drea, told the employees what they should do with any registrations they received from Democrats.

"Just do whatever you want to with it. Dispose of it or bring it back here and we will dispose of it," Parker said.

Parker says she never did it and never saw it done but knows that Democratic forms were returned to the office. She says she wasn't a disgruntled employee but did feel guilty about what she was doing.

A state party official told Eyewitness News that the charges are outright lies. He acknowledged there was a door-to-door registration campaign and that Monica and Drea do work for the party but said there is no way anyone would issue instructions to destroy valid registrations, even from Democrats.

Parker's allegations mirror those leveled earlier by Eric Russell who worked for a company called Voters Outreach of America, funded by the national Republican Party. Russell says he witnessed the destruction of voter registration forms by his supervisor at Voters Outreach, a woman named Jeannie Morgan.

Voters Outreach closed up shop and left Las Vegas last week, but reached by phone, Morgan blasted Russell as being a disgruntled employee who threatened her and others. It was Russell who tore up the registration forms she says, not her.

"He stood there and did it and I have three witnesses," Jeannie Morgan, Voters Outreach of America. Russell has now filed a sworn affidavit as part of a legal complaint filed in district court.

The lawsuit filed by the state Democratic Party, seeks to force the election department to reopen voter registration so that people whose forms were trashed can sign up to vote. A hearing on that issue is set for Friday morning in district court.

The veracity of Eric Russell could be a central issue in the court showdown. His testimony forms the basis for most of the complaint. He told Eyewitness News that its Jeannie Morgan who's the liar and that he's sure she's pretty scared now that all of this has come out.

The FBI is gathering information and so is the Secretary of State.

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