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Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Saves Teen from Streets

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Aaron Kik Aaron Kik

LAS VEGAS - Aaron Kik could have lived the rest of his life on the streets. His life as a homeless teen began at home.

"It was just me and my mom, and she was gone for five days out of the week for the most part, just hanging out with different boyfriends. I just wouldn't see her," he said.

In many ways, he was already on his own.

"I was about thirteen, fourteen years old, and I was having to be really self-sufficient and trying to motivate myself to get everything done that a teen needs to be doing," he said.

After his mother left for Texas, Kik stayed with friends or "couch surfed" before ultimately ending up alone and homeless.

"I had no where else to go at that point," he said.

For Aaron, the path of unfortunate chance became one of choice. Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth stepped in, extending a lifeline to Aaron.

"We take them off the streets. All of our programs are designed to get them off the street immediately," said Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Executive Director Arash Ghafoori.

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The charity helps those who reach their lowest point.

"If you have a youth who's willing to choose the cold, hard streets as opposed to whatever their home environment was like, that's a clear indicator of how bad it may have been at home," Ghafoori said.

"We always strive, basically, to make sure that they're in a situation where they can have self sufficiency," Ghafoori said.

Slowly, but surely, Aaron began to turn his life around, turning his focus from the basics of survival to long-term plans.

"He's a successful employee. He has his own car. He joined the military," Ghafoori said.

It all started with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth's outreach, care, concern, and effort to lift someone out of despair.

"They accepted me, luckily, and (I) spent two years here," Aaron said. "It was very well spent. I love the time here."

He credits Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth with helping him find his way and saving his life.

"Without this program, I would not be as successful or happy as I am today," he said. "If it wasn't for this place, I may not have made it to this point."

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