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LuAnne Sorrell, Reporter

Some Ballots May Not be Counted

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(Oct. 13) -- It is still unclear as to how many voter registrations may have been affected the alleged tossing of applications.

Stacy Howell says she votes during every election. "If you're not going to vote, you can't criticize." One criticism she does have is that she often feels her vote does not make as much of a difference as she would like. "Me and my husband vote every year and we cancel each other out," Howells says as she laughs.

But she says it would not be a laughing matter if someone took her voter registration card and threw it out.

But that may be what happened to dozens, if not hundreds of people just like Howell. Voters Outreach of America, a company which claimed to be registering all voters, is accused of throwing democrats voter registration forms in the trash.

So what happens when those people show up at their polling places? Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomex says people will be given a provisional ballot.

"You're going to be allowed to vote for the federal races." That includes presidential and U.S. Senate and House races. The election department will then have three days to decide if they will even count those provisional ballots. Lomax adds, "You will vote but, our voting machine will store it in such a manner that it will be decided after Election Day whether we are going to count that vote of not count that vote."

In order for those votes to be counted, people must prove that they registered to vote.

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